Our Mission:

Through loving, sharing and healing, Stepping Stones brings honor to every woman's story, one heart at a time, creating hope and an
abundant life.
Mentoring Program

Mentor Makers

The Mentoring Program of Stepping Stones provides continuing and long-term support for the healing and transformation of women who have chosen to do the hard work of breaking barriers in their lives. 

The barriers may result from poverty, adverse experiences in early childhood,  unhealed trauma, addictions (their own or those of their significant others), or other obstacles.  Many times, these barriers have been passed down from generation to generation.

Trained mentors journey beside each woman as she seeks to build a new future.  We refer to our mentees as friends, because that's what friends do. We coach, guide, support, advise and motivate.  The Mentoring Program is designed to create secure relationships with the women in the program in order "to speak truth and goodness into their lives, with the hope of subverting even decades-old messages of harm"(1).
What is a Mentor?

Mentors are...

Coaches - sharing specific skills and knowledge necessary for growth, including working with her Friend to develop her own vision for a well lived life.

Guides - sharing paths to better decision making consistent with her vision.

Supporters - Listening to and understanding her concerns about issues in her life.

Advisors - providing direction where necessary to available resources in the community in support of her vision.

Motivators - providing encouragement for the achivement of her vision; and

Role Models - being real with her Friend, reflectingthe power of an authentic life.

A secure relationship with an attuned other who can speak truth and goodness into our lives has the power to subvert even decades-old messages of harm.
The Allender Center
How Do I Learn More?

All prospective mentors are asked to attend a training.  During the training you will receive more detailed information about the program along with practical tools for guiding and supporting your Friend along your journey together.

What is the current schedule of trainings?

The next trainings will be scheduled in June.  Check back with us periodically for exact dates, times and location.  In the meantime, let us know you are interested in becoming a mentor.  We will send you an email when the trainings are scheduled.
(1) Dr. Dan Allender, PhD, The Allender Center

"Mentor Makers"

On August 17, 2017, several area providers of mentoring programs came together and discussed ways to

  • increase mentoring resources,
  • consider sharing mentoring resources based on the needs of the provider and that of the potential mentors, and
  • provide opportunities for sharing best practices.  

The forum was sponsored by the Studer Community Institute and Pathways For Change.  The opportunity to work together was enthusiastically supported by the group.  

A small steering committee consisting of Reggie Dogan, Project Manager of Studer Community Institute, Margot Doelker, Director of Stepping Stones, the women's ministry of Pathways For Change, Leslie Perino, Chief Operating Officer of E. W. Bullock and Associates, Patty Babcock, Co-Director, Center for Behavioral Health Integration, Florida State University College of Medicine, and Jackie Bell, Co-Leader of Stepping Stones of Pathways For Change, went to work on next steps, which includes an official launch of what is now called "Mentor Makers".  So...mark your calendars!
Announcing "Mentor Makers"
A Partnership of Studer Community Institute and Pathways For Change
Launch Date:  November 9, 2017 Details to Come

Mentoring builds better people and stronger community
By Reggie Dogan, Project Manager | August 28, 2017​​