Our Mission:

Through loving, sharing and healing, Stepping Stones brings honor to every woman's story, one heart at a time, creating hope and an
abundant life.
Mentoring Program

Especially for our Mentors...

Mentor Roster
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What resources are available for directing my Friend to area resources?

The following link to resources a mentor might find helpful in her work with her mentee.   Also see Continuing Care Meeting Recaps below.  

Street Survival Guide

United Way 2-1-1

Pathways for Change, The Family Center

[To Come - Contact Persons for Area Agencies]

Lifeline Assistance Program (Cell Service)

What is the upcoming schedule for continuing care sessions?

For continuing care for our Mentors, we meet on the third Wednesday of each month at Noon at The Family Center.  Everyone brings their own lunch for a time of continuing care, additional training and opportunities for sharing.

Who do I contact for advice in working with my Friend?

We employ the buddy system in working with our Friends.  We have found that working through a challenge with your Mentor Buddy will assist you in addressing many of your questions.  If there is a situation that cannot be addressed through working with your Buddy, contact Margot Doelker, Director of Stepping Stones.  See Training Materials - "Continuing Care, Resources and Guidelines" below.